What’s Hometown Pride?

We love unique events, landmarks, attractions and traditions! We want to know what makes your community special and what features or popular events put your community on the map. We love original and creative ideas, but here are some examples for inspiration.

  • What special events, landmarks or features bring your community together?
  • What unique community event or tradition celebrates your hometown’s history, present or future?
  • Does your community have any legends that locals are proud of or that tourists flock to see?

If you have a photo of the unique aspect, we would love to see! Please upload it along with your story.

Ready to tell us what makes your community unique?



Past Hometown Pride Winners

Hometown Pride is all about celebrating community. In 2019, the Cenex brand has honored the following events, landmarks, attractions or traditions with $5,000 to continue the celebration.

Arc Park in Hays, KS

Children of all abilities should be able to gather and play together at the park. Arc Park aims to serve children with disabilities and able-bodied children with an accessible playground, baseball field and splashpad.

Eagle Watching in Sauk City, WI

Hundreds of people regularly gather each winter to watch eagles soar along the Wisconsin River. The tradition culminates in an annual Eagle Watching Days event, held every January.

100 Years of Pheasant Hunting in Redfield, SD

Known as the pheasant hunting capital of the world, Redfield has become an epicenter for generations of hunting families during opening weekend. In 2019, the tradition celebrates its 100th year.

The Geographic Center of North America in Rugby, ND

A monument and museum mark what is the center of North America in Rugby. The landmarks celebrate the town’s history and its commitment to community businesses.

110 Foot Elevator Mural and 1925 Carousel in Faulkton, SD

A two for one deal, Faulkton has two unique displays of art: An elevator mural painted by Australian artist Guido VanHelten and a nearly 100-year-old carousel still in operation every summer.

Neewollah in Independence, KS

One hundred years ago, this event started as a way to keep playful pranksters out of mischief on Halloween night – the event is Halloween spelled backward – now it is one week of events that gathers people from across the state.

Storybook Land in Aberdeen, SD

A free, nursery-rhyme-themed amusement park supported by community contributions brings children and travelers together in the summer months to enjoy rides on everything from the Humpty Dumpty roller coaster to the Wizard of Oz balloon ride.

Baileyville Benefit Basketball Tournament and Fundraiser in Seneca, KS

Each winter, hundreds gather to participate in a tournament and auction that raises money to help local families in medical need. In 2018, $130,000 was raised and split between four deserving families.

The Cenex brand will continue to celebrate communities throughout 2019.